In the media

Media 2016

NRC, August 26, submitted piece: “Roltrap” (personal)

NRC, March 5, submitted piece: “Bescheiden” (personal)

Media 2015

Desktop Documentaries, article: How to make a life documentary of your parents? (filmmaking)

Media 2014

C1000 personeelsblad, article: Dealing with change (training/coaching/personal development)

Media 2013

Women’s Health, article: Passion is the new money (personal)

Media 2012

Vuurvogel – Phoenixopleidingen, article: There’s a crack in everything (personal)

Media 2011

Telegraaf, article: I am sugar free (personal)

Intermediair, Jaargang 2011 nr. 01: Stuiteren van energie (training/coaching/personal development)

Media 2010

Intermediair, Jaargang 2010 nr. 01: Keuzes maken (training/coaching/personal development)
Intermediair, Jaargang 2010 nr. 10: Ademruimte (training/coaching/personal development)
Intermediair, Jaargang 2010 nr. 15: Geweldige kansen (training/coaching/personal development)

Media 2008

Krauthammer International: Intuition (training/coaching/personal development)

Media 2006

Groter Groeien: about single motherhood (pagina 4) (personal)