May be you like to hire me …

Are you in need of a professional for camerawork and/or editing? I might be able to help. I am sure we share our love for intimate, delicate stories captured beautifully.

Relevant, creative & personal

What I need is your unyielding heartbeat for the assignment too. Then I will help you liberate the story and translate that into a lucid, well thought out film. My attitude in life and thus in filming is that if I can imagine it, I am going to be able to do it. Even if that means going to places I haven’t been before. In this respect my heartbeat is a strong sign of my involvement. This also means I will tell you if I truly think I can help or not. If you’re feeling hesitant, honour that hesitation. Because before you say yes there might be a very good reason to say no.

Quality is never a coincidence

I know it might seem strange that I’m asking you to pause before you say yes to hire me for your camerawork and/or editing. Creative work can be an unlimited source of joy, synergy and inspiration but I have learned over the years we need to create certain conditions to ensure that outcome. Moreover, quality is never a coincidence. This page is my way of taking responsibility for the quality of my work so both of us will be happy from start to finish.

If you like to hire me, we could be a PERFECT fit for each other IF:

1) You are in need of a camerawoman who knows how to make professional film (or item) that tells a true story;
2) You like and trust me + you are familiar with my work;
3) You know what you need and you are able to communicate that concretely (or if you don’t know you are willing to surrender to my creativity and expertise);
4) You’ve clearly decided upfront about the amount of control you want over the outcome of the film (how many rounds of notes).

You and I will not be a fit IF:

1) We will not be a fit if you are unclear what you need from me;
2) We will not be a fit if you want to have a professional (= high quality) film for a ‘student price’.
3) And of course we will not be a fit if you are not ready to see yourself on film.


“Carolien, how much does a film production cost?”
“Well, what is the price of a house?”

If you like to hire me, then these are my fees: rates that are a sign of a healthy management from a professional supplier you can rely on. Prices are ex VAT. The sum of the time spent is rounded to the nearest half hour.

Flexible fees

* Euro 595 – 995,- ± per day (camera, ex fixed fees)
* Euro 495 – 695,- ± per day (editing, ex fixed fees)

Fixed fees

* Euro 0,0 for a general proposal
* Euro 30,- per hour for a meeting + writing a detailed proposal
* Euro 0.60 travel expenses per kilometer
* Euro 30,- per hour travel time (using regular time tables)
* Euro 100,- starting fee on location
* Euro 0,0 for one round of notes (= some extra editing, to take out a small scene or to add one)
* Euro 150,- for second round of notes
* Euro 450,- for third round of notes

Contact me here: sayhello [at]