Home of the Renaissance Soul (& Wannabe Filmmaker & Writer)

“The creative works I love to make have one thing in common only…the subject and the story needs to crack my heart open and break it. And I don’t want it to mend, not before my work is finished.”

Behind every story lies the fragility of the creator. Because those who have the courage to create, may also fall. Choosing a career as a filmmaker/writer was the scariest choice I made in life. A 45 I decided to become a storyteller with my camera and my pen. I just follow whatever obsesses me in the current moment. Mostly those are our great universal themes of life. Somehow I am first and foremost drawn to themes around Life and Death. Let’s say: biographies, life stories. I deeply dislike fake. I want the raw, the irrational, the pure stuff. I am mostly touched by subtlety in life, that – in the end – tells the big story.